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Last updated: 15-May-2020

If you have benefited in
some way from this website,
please consider donating
to defray some of the cost
of our 52nd National Reunion.

Donations can be made payable to the
"57th Bomb Wing Association"
and mailed to our Treasurer,
Denise Emler
3404 Reedsport Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Please indicate in the memo field
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Thank you in advance!

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,
Our 2020 52nd National Reunion

Has Been Postponed Until 2021.
Please Return To This Web Page
For Updates & Details
As They Become Available.
Thank You For Your
Support and Understanding!

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We recently Held Highly Successful 48th, 49th, 50th, and 51st National Reunions
Check out our facebook group for photos!

*** Our 47th Annual National Reunion ***
was held 23-26-October,
New Orleans, LA
A splendid time was had by all

57th Vets NOLA - B-25 Yellow Rose

Check out our facebook Group for more photos!

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Another Successful Eastern Mini!
*** 2015 Eastern Mini-Reunion ***
was held June 4th - 8th
Reading, Pennsylvania

Our 57th Veteran Attendees Were Honored Guests
At the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's Famous


Click Here for Some Photos - Thanks, Julie!!

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Our 46th National Reunion - 2014
in Dallas, Texas was a great success!

57th Vets

Three cheers to the whole reunion committee for their dedication and skills!: Pam Cosbey, Dianne Ambrosino, Greg Wichtowski Jr, Linda and Steve Buechling, Denise Emler and Julie Martin.

57th Family 2014

*** Check out Julie Martin's 2014 Dallas Reunion Photos Here ***

Click Here to view

*** Check out our 57th facebook Group page for More Dallas Reunion Photos ***
Click Here to view

**** Next Year - New Orleans ****

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*** 2014 Eastern Mini-Reunion Photos ***
Click Here to view

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*** 2012 Eastern Mini-Reunion Photos ***
Click Here to view

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*** 2011 Eastern Mini-Reunion Photos ***
Click Here to view

The 42nd National Reunion was a great success! It was held in
San Francisco, CA
from 26 thru 30-August-2010

Click here to view photos from the San Fran reunion

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The 2010 Eastern Mini Reunion, also a success, was held in
Gettysburg, PA,

from 04 thru 07-June-2010

Click here to check out some Eastern-Mini reunion photos
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The *new* combined 310th Monthly History files
are available through the hard work and courtesy of
John Fitzgerald S.MSgt, US Air Force (retired)
and dedicated to his dad,
Colonel John "Jack" Fitzgerald, US Army (retired)

Check them out:

The *new* 310th Bombardment Group
Compiled History Files
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With the advent of the internet we have found the means to provide our members and their families with a recorded history of the deeds of this great bomb wing. I see more and more wonderful pictures, stories, and diaries of those never to be forgotten days.

The 57th Bomb Wing Association puts out a magazine every quarter and we will, we pray for some years to come. The journal, newsletter, and magazine; call it what you will: provides the hard copy records of the 57th Wing in action from North Africa to Italy , to Corsica and from the Adriatic coast of Italy where it completed its duty.

Now our young sons and daughters, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, grandchildren and great grandchildren have embraced the memories of their loved ones and placed those histories on the internet, and providing loving memorials.

More and more, I see this outpouring of love and respect for their loved ones in this manner, and am deeply touched to know of their love for family and country. The tributes make a heartwarming to those privileged to read them.

Our numbers are diminishing and along with that our publication is sent out to fewer and fewer members and the replacements are not there. The Wing will not live on unless more of you decide to join us and carry on the history of the 57th Bomb Wing.

The “Men of the 57th” is first hand history, written, in most part, by those who served our country. Second hand accounts are written by those who love the organization and are Associate Members.  None of what is written is ‘revisionist’ history. It happened! It is true! It is not exaggerated!

Many of you have treasure stores of material which you share on the internet. But you can share more if you join your ‘fathers’ organization. Your sharing and support will assure the future of which will soon become your organization.

You have a rich heritage. Accept it.  Join the Men of the 57th Bomb Wing Association today!

  Membership Dues are only $25.00 per year

  See membership information on our CONTACTS page.

You will receive 3 issues of the Men of the 57th each year. You will have hard copy memories to read and review and save for your children. MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU WILL PARTICIPATE, HOLD OFFICES, AND PERPERTUATE THE ORGANIZATION.

57th Veterans, please send your stories and photos to
Victor Hancock.
40th Annual National Reunion
Colorado Springs, CO
04 thru 08- September, 2008

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** Latest Link Updates **

Angelo Adams - 340th, 486th
Walter A. Cantrell - 321st, 447th
T/Sgt Clarence E. Gurnee - 321st, 448th

Hymie Setzer - 340th, 487th

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*** Men of the 57th Bomb Wing ***
San Diego, CA - 22-Oct-2007

Men of the 57th Bomb Wing - San Diego 2007

39th Annual National Reunion Photo
*** 2007 San Diego Reunion Photos ***

San Diego Photos

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The 38th annual 57th Bomb Wing Association reunion was held on October 12th-17th, 2006, in Washington D.C. Check out the "Reunion" section of our Photo Gallery for pictures from the event, including our 57th veterans meeting with President GW Bush.
Reunion Photo Gallery
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New Gallery Albums and Sub-albums

It's hard to keep track of all the new additions to the 57th photo galleries. Please visit often, click around and leave comments! Special thanks to Barbara Connolly, proud daughter of Edward C. Ennis (321st, 447th), for the incredible amount of work she does toward keeping the memories of our 57th BW heros alive!!

321st, 446th Photos

Lt. John Fitzgerald (321st, 446th)

321st, 447th Photos

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Squadron Histories
Squadron Histories are now available online in digital (Adobe Acrobat) format. From the 57th Home Page, click on the Bomb Group Insignia to enter the history page for that group. Then click on a squadron icon to view that squadron history page. You can also access Group Histories by clicking the following links:

Various Historical Reading Material:

New Publications
Book (in Italian):

Title: Recoaro 1945 - La resa Delle Armate Tedesche in Italia
Recoaro 1945 Book Cover
(click for larger image)

The book details the 340th Bomb Group's 20-Apr-1945 mission over German Headquarters in Italy, has been written by Maurizio Dal Lago, Giorgio Trivelli and, our friend, Giuseppe Versolato. This historic book was recently published in the town of Recoaro, Italy. It can be purchased by writing to Dr. Flavio Bettanin.


57th Bomb Wing Association Reunion Trivia
National Reunion Attendance

National Reunion Attendance
(Year, Members, Vets, Location)
2005 161 74 St. Louis
2004 201 97 Tucson
2003 208 110 Indianapolis
2002 328 154 Reno
2001 329 173 Virgina Beach
1999 332 162 Spokane

97% are LIFE Members - Consider paying dues again, folks.
57th Northrock List Server Subscribers: 150 (est. 30 are actual ‘vets’)
(2006 updates are in process)

Total Number of 57th Members
Attending Reunions

310th 379th 380th 381st 428th
2005 21 0 6 13 2
2004 45 8 10 16 11
2003 40 4 11 16 9
2002 82 11 25 30 16
2001 86 11 27 22 26
1999 86 15 15 35 21

321st 445th 446th 447th 448th
2005 76 23 13 28 12
2004 63 17 9 25 12
2003 83 32 12 27 12
2002 111 46 16 31 15
2001 116 36 20 49 15
1999 86 26 20 32 8

340th 486th 487th 488th 489th
2005 64 14 14 17 19
2004 91 12 28 24 27
2003 85 16 28 22 19
2002 135 22 44 32 37
2001 127 22 42 24 39
1999 160 33 51 34 42

Number of Actual Veterans
Attending Reunions

310th 379th 380th 381st 428th
2005 21 0 6 13 2
2004 22 4 5 10 3
2003 22 2 6 9 5
2002 31 4 7 19 1
2001 42 5 12 13 12
1999 47 8 9 20 10

321st 445th 446th 447th 448th
2005 32 12 6 10 4
2004 32 10 4 12 6
2003 46 19 6 16 5
2002 57 24 10 16 7
2001 65 22 11 25 7
1999 49 17 10 18 4

340th 486th 487th 488th 489th
2005 30 8 6 8 8
2004 43 9 13 8 13
2003 42 7 15 10 10
2002 66 13 22 14 17
2001 48 7 20 12 9
1999 86 17 28 19 22

Click on map to enlarge

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