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57th Bomb Wing Bibliography
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57th Bomb Wing & Historical Research Sites

Tips for Locating WWII Air Crew Members
Air Force History Index.ORG
American WWII Orphans Network (AWON)
Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
57th Bomb Wing Memorial Photo - WPAFB
Flak Guns in the Brenner Pass
Billy Mitchell
vjw's WWII Bookmarks
RAF Aerial Reconnaissance Archives
USAF Air War College
National Museuum of the USAF Online
Air Force Memorial Foundation
The Associazione Storico Culturale Memores Website
(Italian - Use your Browser to translate, if needed)
Battle of the Brenner
 National Archives Records of the Army Air Forces [AAF]

12th Bomb Group & Doolittle Raiders Sites

Doolittle Raiders *** OFFICIAL ***  Web Site
The Doolittle Raid Remembered
Doolittle Raiders Fresno 2001 - Audio of 12 B-25s
Doolittle Raiders 2001 Reunion - B25 Bomber Photos
60th Doolittle Reunion - Columbia South Carolina 2002
Doolittle Raider Reunions

310th Bomb Group
310th Bomb Group

The 381st Squadron History Files Online (in pdf format)
Lt. General Royal B. Allison - 310th BG
Lt. Ernest A. Baldwin - 310th, 428th
Ed Betts - 310th, 379th
Lt. William F. Bierds - 310th, 381st
Bonham Cross - 310th BG - IDPA Fall 1998 Newsletter
Lt. Robert S. Crouse - 310th, 379th
Sgt. Frank Dean - 310th, 380th
Lt. Bruce T. Gilbert - 310th, 428th
Fred M. Hargrave, Jr.- 310th BG
Frank B. Hawkins - 310th, 381st
Lt. Carl Lindberg - 310th, 428th
Lt. Lee A. McAllister (310th BG, 428th Sq)
Case by Maurizio Dal Lago and Giuseppe Versolato
T/Sgt. Joe Mitchell - 310th, 379th
Bill Poole - 310th BG
S/Sgt. Michael Pusen - 310th, 381st
Robert Stangier - 310th, 381st
S/Sgt Robert T. Silliman - 310th, 380th
George Underwood - 310th, 381st
Lt. Philip Weiner - 310th, 379th
Joseph P. White - 310th, 381st
JP White (Continued)
Sgt. Harold G. Yokum - 310th, 380th
Lt. Robert P. Zulauf - 310th, 381st
310th Space Group - the 310th Bomb Group Lives On!

319th Bomb Group

Donald "Deke" Slayton (319thBG, 340thBG, NASA)

319th Bomb Group Pacific Project


321st Bomb Group
321st Bomb Group

Original 321st BG Crews
John Mack Allison, Jr - 321st, 447th
Lt. Martin B. Biener - 321st, 448th
Lt. Donald "Blackie" Black - 321st, 447th
Charles L. Burandt - 321st, 446th
Walter A. Cantrell - 321st, 447th
1st Lt. Leighton "Danny" Charville -321st, 445th
T/Sgt William C. Coursen - 321st, 447th
Captain Glenn Crisp - 321st, 446th
Lt. Alfred Drury - 321st,447th
Lt. Albert Duke - 321st, 447th
T/Sgt. Edward C. Ennis - 321st, 447th
Lt. John Fitzgerald - 321st, 446th
T/Sgt Clarence E. Gurnee - 321st, 448th
Bio - Clarence "Shine" Gurnee
S/Sgt. Stuart Layne Huntoon - 321st, 446th
1st Lt. Theodore Kirk - 321st, 448th
Robert D. Knapp Biography 321st BG, 57th C.O.
Auburn University's General Knapp Collection Info
Lt. Richard Krause - 321st, 445th
Sgt. Vincent A. Mango - 321st, 447th
Lt. James A. McRae - 321st, 445th
S/Sgt. Daniel E. O'Connell - 321st, 447th
T/Sgt. Irving J. Schaffer - 321st, 448th
T/Sgt William F. Sheehan - 321st, 446th
Lt. Robert F. Spikes - 321st, 447th
Richard H. Spingler - 321st, 447th
Jack J. Valenti - 321st, 448th
Lt. Alan "Pete"Webb - 321st, 445th
Lt. Wallace "Spike" Williams Jr. - 321st, 446th
Captain J. Maurice Wiginton - 321st, 447th

340th Bomb Group
340th Bomb Group

S/Sgt Wilbur E. Bagby - 340th, 489th
Capt Charles M. Cook - 340th, 487th
Hank Del Percio - 340th, 487th
Thomas A. Hetzel - 340th, 487th
T/Sgt Harvey Hyland - 340th, 487th
M.M. Johnson - 340th, 489th
Quentin C. Kaiser - 340th, 489th
S/Sgt Donald M. Kenney - 340th, 487th
1st Lt. David Konigsberg - 340th, 487th
John Francis Koplitz - 340th
1st Lt. William Phifer Laney, Sr - 340th, 486th
Captain Benjamin Marino M.D - 340th, 488th
Dave Mershon - 340th, 488th
Thomas Rosmarin - 340th, 487th (video)
Hymie Setzer - 340th, HQ

Donald "Deke" Slayton (319thBG, 340thBG, NASA)

The 486th Bomb Squadron

USAAF.COM - Scott Burris's site exists to help you research
the United States Army Air Forces, its personnel, units, and aircraft
War Wings Art.com
Commemorative Air Force
Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing
Commemorative Air Force Arizona Wing
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
Yankee Air Museum
Warbirds of Glory Museum
This site is about the British & American connections with Corsica
Skylighters - 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion

FReeper Foxhole Remembers the 57th Bomb Wing & the Brenner Pass

Letter to An American by Antoine de St. Exupery

Warbird's B-25 Registry
Aero Vintage B-25 Information Page
How To Fly a B-25
Miss Mitchell Photo Galleries
The Flying Bulls
How 'Boot That!?
489th's "Briefing Time" Lives On
Lady Luck B-25 and Budweiser? - 447th

57th Bombardment Wing References

** Special thanks to Mike Laney, Grandson of Pilot William Phifer Laney (340th, 486th), for originally compiling these references **



The B-25 Over the Mediterranean, 50th Anniversary

by: The 57th Bomb Wing Association, 1992: Creative Graphics, Jackson, Michigan

A collection of Unit Histories for the five B-25 groups that served in the MTO and at sometime operated under the 57th Bomb Wing once it was formed.  Also has several short stories, and other anecdotes.

Download a copy of this book in its entirety, or select the section of interest to you:

Complete copy "The B-25 Over the Mediterranean" (218MB)

Part 1 (57MB): Intro; The B-25; 12th Bomb Group; 310th Bomb Group
Part 2 (44MB): 319th Bomb Group; 321st Bomb Group
Part 3 (35MB): 340th Bomb Group; M.A.A.F.; 12th Air Force; 57th Bomb Wing
Part 4 (79MB): 308th Signal Wing; Stories, Anecdotes & Memories; Reunions


B-25 Mitchell Units of the MTO

by: Steve Pace, © 2002: Osprey Publications

A relatively recent book about the 57th Bomb Wing.  A lot of photographs and information.  However, has many errors, and seems to have been rushed out.  (i.e. it shows several B-25H planes of the 12th BG that were never in the MTO, but where used in the China-Burma-India (CBI) theater of operations).  Has a lot of great stories from different veterans. 

USAAF Medium Bomber Units, ETO and MTO, 1942-45

by: Rene J. Francillon, © 2002: Osprey Publications

A reprint of a book first published in 1977.  This book summarized all of the medium bombardment groups in the ETO and MTO, including the five groups of the 57th Bomb Wing.

Available- through Amazon in paperback


U.S.S Corsica

by: Dominique Taddei, © 2003: Albiana

French version only. Contains many stories and photos, focusing on the human side of the USAAF's presence on Corsica. It focuses on the men of the 57th Bomb Wing and includes many first-person accounts of wartime experiences.

A la Libération de la Corse (octobre 1943) les forces alliées installent dix-sept camps d'aviation en appui é leurs offensives contre les forces de l'Axe. Des milliers d'aviateurs amèricains découvrent è cette occasion l'île qu'ils nomment affectueusement " USS Corsica ". L'ouvrage est une extraordinaire récolte de leurs photos, de leurs journaux intimes, de leurs témoignages, de leurs souvenirs. Il ouvre une page méconnue de l'histoire de la dernière guerre en l'abordant par ceux qui la vécurent.

264 pages
Format : 24 x 32 cm
ISBN : 2-84698-006-3

Available- through Albiana in paperback

and Hymie Setzer's Tribute Page for a book review translated into English:

We "Corsicans"

by: Dominique Taddei, © 2016: Albiana

French version only. Contains many stories and rare photos. Unlike USS Corsica this book extends its reach to other USAAF and British units that served on Corsica. The men of the 57th are not ignored. There are many references and stories from and about them in this book.

278 pages
Format : 24 x 32 cm
ISBN : 9782824103853

Available- through Albiana in paperback

The Bridgebusters:
The True Story of the Catch-22 Bomb Wing

by: Thomas Cleaver, © 2016: Regnery Publishing

This book represents a comprehensive look at the activities of the 57th Bomb Wing. It contains many first-person accounts of combat and camp life. It was produced with the technical assistance of the 57th Bomb Wing Association.
It is an excellent and exciting history of the Wing.

ISBN : 978-1-62157-488-0

Available- through Regnery Publishing in hardback



57th Works of Fiction

12th Bomb Group
310th Bomb Group
319th Bomb Group
321st Bomb Group
340th Bomb Group


9th Air Force

The Ninth Air Force in World War II

by: Kenn C. Rust © 1967: Aero Publishers. Inc., Fallbrook, California.

A well researched book on the 9th Air Force in World War II.  Covers all of the different fighter and bombardment groups in this Air Force. 245 pages.


Ninth Air Force Story

by: Kenn C. Rust © 1982: Historical Aviation Album, Published by Sunshine House, Terre Haute, Indiana.

A well researched book on the 9th Air Force in World War II.  Covers all of the different fighter and bombardment groups in this tactical air force in the MTO and ETO. 64 pages


12th Air Force

The 12th Over the Mediterranean

by: Jack Bozung, 1945: AAF Publications, Los Angeles, California.

Has a short history write up on the 12th Air Force.  A photographic collection of planes, places and people in the MTO. 40 pages

Download a copy of this book (100MB)


Twelfth Air Force Story

by: Kenn C. Rust © 1975: Historical Aviation Album, Published by Sunshine House, Terre Haute, Indiana.

A well researched book on the 12th Air Force in World War II.  Covers all of the different fighter and bombardment groups in this tactical air force in the MTO. 64 pages


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