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               Technical  Sergeant Walter A Cantrell           Radio / Gunner
          Walter        Cantrell and Crew        Harp and Walter Crew       Harp Crew
    T/Sgt Walter Cantrell    The Harp Crew           Capt R Richardson Crew   Walter's Crew  
The "HARP" B-25 #41-31007 and her Crew. * Pictures and Story by Walter Cantrell*

Walter Cantrell rang in the New Year, 1942, by joining the AAC.  (Jan. 3rd, 1942) After Basic training at Shepard Field, Texas . . . he went to the Scott Field, Illinois, Army Air Corp Radio Training Academy.  He was then assigned to the gunnery school in Arlington Texas.  Finally on to the 447th Bomb Squadron, the 321st Bomb Group in Columbia, S.C.  He joined Lt. Albert Duke's Crew and started his flight training.Which also included some "Bomb Runs" using 2 pound sacks of flour !
Although he trained with Lt. Duke, only days from departure from De Ridder, LA, Lt Duke flew in with a brand-spanking new B-25.
Lt. Dukes new ship, The TRIGGER #41-13171 was equipped with the New Top-Secret Airborne RADAR.  Walter was transferred to the Lt. R. Richardson Crew and The HARP #41-31007, . Walter was completely happy with his new crew and ship.  He was replaced with Sgt. Edward Ennis, his soon-to-be new best friend, Ed newly graduated from Airborne RADAR School at "The Club" Boca Raton, Florida. (Soon to open as the BRAAF, Boca Raton Army Air Field)
                                   Walter, Brownie, Ed
      Walter and Carl        Walter        Walter and Jeanne 2006         Walter Display          The Harp
Walter and Carl Hannaman          Walter Cantrell and AAC     2006, Walter and Jeanne          Walter Display                The HARP #41-31007

Tech/Sgt. Walter Cantrell was an original member of the 447th BS and 321st Bomb Group and flew 50 Combat Missions in the African Theatre. He flew across the Atlantic in the "Now-Famous Knapp Group" Capt. R. Richardson and The HARP #41-31007 was the ship and crew that he flew 49 of his 50 Missions with.

OH !  The "50th Mission" ?  Walter has no memory of it, he was assigned to another ship and thought it was bad luck and that he was not coming home ! 

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