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Updated 20-June-2022

Membership Information for the 57th Bomb Wing Association

If you are seeking information about, or know of any, former members of the 12th Army Air Force who were in the 57th Bomb Wing, which includes the 12th, 310th, 319th, 321st and 340th Bomb Groups, 57th Wing Headquarters and 308th Signal Wing personnel, please consider joining our Association. Men of the 57th is the Association Newsletter, published quarterly and available to members in good standing - presently about 1100 family and friends.

When sending NEW Memberships or Dues,
       - Name
       - Complete Address
       - Telephone
       - Email Address
       - Your Group and Squadron
       - Or, Service Member’s name, Group & Squadron, and your relationship to him

Your membership entitles you to a subscription to the Association’s quarterly Men of the 57th  Journal.

Memberships costs:
    $25 per year

Please make checks out to 57th Bomb Wing Association

The 57th BWA Mailing List
The mailing list for the Men of the 57th Journal is the backbone of the 57th Bomb Wing Association and we hope to keep it up to date!

Current Members
Please take a moment to notify the Secretary if you are moving, have changed your address, or have made any other changes to your mailing address.

International members
Please consider sending extra funds
for postage.   ~ Thank you!
       - NEW Memberships
       - Current dues     
       - Address changes
       - Cancellations       
       - Other updates to the membership list

TO:   Membership Chairperson
Linda J. Buechling
611 Redbud Lane
Woodstock VA 22664
Phone: (540) 459-8503

If You Are Sending a Donation:
   - Funds for the general treasury
   - Newsletter donations
   - Chaplain's Helping Hand Account
TO:  Treasurer
          Louise Bourg
          47491 Lakeview Drive
          Lawrence, MI 49064
          Phone: (661) 303-9274

If You Are Seeking Historical Information
About the Wing or Its Members, Contact:
Wing Historians Via Email:

Wing Historian

Thank You To All Veterans For Your Service!

Additional membership information can be found by clicking the following link:
57th BWA Constitution and Bylaws

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