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321st Bombardment Group References


General Bob Knapp's 321st Lives On

by: Ollie Smith, © 1992: Ollie Smith, Track 29 Press, Deatsville, AL

The story of the 321st BG, by a pilot of the 447th BS.  

OUT OF PRINT- Try Barnes and Nobel used book search.


 321st Headlines  

Headline Articles, Headquarters and Squadron Rosters

A collection of pdf files derived from scans of newspaper articles and AAF documents. 321st Headlines pdf format and legibility provided by Bob Ritger, proud nephew of 1st Lt. Frederic C. Ritger (321st, 446th).You will also need Adobe Reader software to view the files, which is available free at the following site: Adobe Reader Download.

Available: http://57thbombwing.com/321stHistory/321st_Headlines.pdf


445th Bomb Squadron

Impressions and Experiences of an Air Corps GI in the Mediterranean Theater
of World War II

by: Barnard Seegmiller, 1996: Privately Published

From the diary of Sgt. Seegmiller, an armorer with the 445th BS.  Covers from April 15, 1942 to the end of the war. 206 pages.

Available- Write Sally Brown, 11470 Canton Court, Sandy, UT 84092 or email Sally Brown


Untold & Unsung ... The Unknown

by: Frederick H. Lawrence (321st, 445th Crew Chief), 2003: Trafford Publishing
The role of the Air Force ground support personnel in the waging of the air war, WWII.

336 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #03-1510; ISBN 1-4120-1131-0

Proceeds of all sales have been pledged to Fred's charities for children with disabilities.
Available -  http://www.trafford.com/4dcgi/robots/03-1510.html#goto1

About the Author

The Author is a retired Heavy-Duty Mechanic with a number of hobbies and talents. He plays jazz Harmonica, music being his number one love. Reading non-fiction is his second love. His interests vary between Archaeology, Geology, Mining gold, collecting rocks and fossils. He reads both ancient and modern history and is an avid photographer. Many friends tell him he writes interestingly - hence, his decision to write this book.


Mediterranean Mitchells

by: Frederick H. Lawrence (321st, 445th Crew Chief), 2005: Trafford Publishing
Never published accurate first hand account of events of the forgotten 12th Air Force unit.

420 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #04-1425; ISBN 1-4120-3597-X
Available -  http://www.trafford.com/4dcgi/robots/04-1425.html


446446th Bomb Squadron


Valley of the Skunk - The Story of a Haven

by: Roland Paulson (321st, 446th), © 1996 The National Writers Press, Aurora, CO
"Valley of the Skunk" is the true story of the Ames, Iowa native, war veteran and Iowa State and Harvard graduate. Paulson's book is a human interest story.

"It's a story of survival and a reminder that people can do anything if they have the determination." -R.P.-

OUT OF PRINT- Try Barnes and Nobel used book search.


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