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Last updated: 11-September-2017
Men of the 57th, the official 57th Bomb Wing Association Newsletter, is mailed quarterly to our 1100 active members located throughout the United States and overseas. The following stories are examples of those featured in past issues of Men of the 57th:


The following message comes from our friend, Jerry Rosenthal, who served in both the 381st and 488th Squadrons of the 310th and 340th Bomb Groups. Be sure to check out Jerry's Our Commander in Chief video! Thanks Jerry!! 

Old friends:

For some time, since 1998, I have been involved with an intergenerational story telling program called Stories of Service, the gathering of video vignettes of veterans of our war. Guided by young, digitally knowledgeable youngsters, these stories preserve our history for families, local history organizations, the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian.

The program is an offshoot of the Digital Clubhouse Network www.digiclub.org that was founded in 1996 to improve the computer skills of young people. Led by Warren Hegg, then of SRI, for NASA, the group in now independent and is affiliated with the History Channel, the Franklyn Roosevelt Foundation, the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress and many similar organizations.

Examples of these stories can be viewed at:
Stories of Service Please look at Our Commander in Chief, one of the stories that I did that is now used by all history teachers in the San Jose area! 

For those who are interested in participating, having your stories told, contact:

Ryan Hegg, Program Director, Stories of Service


While all areas are not yet covered, Ryan can help in getting a group started in your part of the country!

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