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The 57th Bomb Wing Association is a nonprofit, 501(c) (19), veterans organization whose members are veterans and family members dedicated to the preservation of the memories of the individuals and deeds of the 57th Bomb Wing in WWII. The 57th Bomb Wing consisted of the 12th, 310th, 319th, 321st and 340th Bomb Groups, as welll as 57th Wing and 308th Signal Wing personnel, who fought in the European-African-Middle Eastern (EAME) Campaign. If you know of any former members of the 12th Army Air Force who were with the 57th Bomb Wing B-25 Mitchell Groups or their relatives, please have them contact the 57th BWA Membership Chairperson via the "CONTACT" page of this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the webmaster at 

For The 57th Bomb Wing Association membership information, as well as a copy of our constitution and bylaws can be found in the Forum section of this site, or simply by clicking on the following link:

The echelon delineated below portrays the squadrons and groups that made up the 12th Army Air Force's 57th Bomb Wing.

The 57th Bomb Wing was a command composed of B-25 Mitchell medium bombers. Their combat history began as early as the first landings in North Africa in November, 1942. Descendants of some 57th Bomb Wing Groups still exist today, some having fought in the Viet Nam conflict, others control satellites and spacecraft. The men of the 57th helped build the strong foundation from which the awesome force of the modern US Air Force has developed.

The Wing consisted of four Bomardment Groups which, in turn, contained four Squadrons as follows:

The 310th Bombardment Group
379th Squadron, 380th Squadron, 381st Squadron and the 428th Squadron

The 319th Bombardment Group
437th Squadron, 438th Squadron, 439th Squadron and the 440th Squadron

The 321st Bombardment Group
445th Squadron, 446th Squadron, 447th Squadron and the 448th Squadron

340th Bomardment Group
486th Squadron, 487th Squadron, 488th Squadron and the 489th Squadron

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