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L'INZECCA, A Tale of Corsica

by: Philip Weiner, © 1989: Philip Weiner printed by Crane Roost Press, Altamonte Springs, FL

The story of various combat and non-combat personnel stationed in Corsica.  Phil Weiner was a bombardier with the 310th BG, and this book gives the reader a feeling for life in the 57th BW that Catch-22 is lacking.  A good read.

"A story of war and its contrasts, "L'Inzecca" takes its name from a mountain pass connecting the coastal plain with the spine of mountains dominating the island of Corsica.  On this "Ile de Beaute"-Island of Beauty- love is a web  that captures an American flier, a beautiful young Corsican girl, an ex-prisoner-of-war, a scheming GI and an earth barmaid.  The time is the closing months of World War II.  Flying from a base on the island, American fliers are relentlessly chocking-off Nazi escape routes in Northern Italy.  In between combat missions, the Americans, concerned with destruction of the foe and survival in the air, encounter a proud and ancient culture whose people also struggle for survival amidst the deprivations and disruptions of war."



A Tent on Corsica

by: Martin Quigley, © 1949: Martin Quigley printed by J. B. Lippincott Company

The story of various combat personnel stationed in Corsica.  The story centers around a B-26 tail gunner.  I have not read this one, but I am looking forward to it!  If anyone has information on what unit Mr. Quigley served in (I am assuming it was the 319th) I would appreciate it.

"This is a story about some ordinary human beings caught up in something large and terrible to which each individual must make his own highly personal adjustment.  It is war- specifically, the air war in the Mediterranean- and if you are there, maybe you think about it something like this:

You are a tail gunner in a B-26 Marauder based on the island of Corsica.  You have 75 missions to sweat out over the bridges and marshalling yards of German-held Northern Italy, and the way they have stacked the odds, you have one chance in four of completing your tour without a mishap..."




by: Joseph Heller, © 1961: Simon & Schuster

This book has received mixed opinions.  It is recognized as one of the great 20th Century works of fiction, especially as anti-war (ala MASH) piece.  However, Mr. Heller has also incurred the wrath of many of his former squad, group and wing mates who recognize many of the characters in the book as being based on actual leaders and members of the 57th BW and 340th BG.  Mr. Heller was a bombardier in the 488th BS, 340th BG. 

See the 340th Bomb Group References page on this website for more factual information about Joseph Heller's wartime experiences on Corsica. 340th Bomb Group

Available- Try http://www.bn.com/


A 'Catch-22' Casebook

edited by: Frederick Kiley and Walter McDonald, © 1971: Various publishers and printers

A collection of reviews, essays, interviews and other good information on or about Joseph Heller and his famous book "Catch-22."  Also has information on the movie, the Mad Magazine spoof on the movie and a essay by Mr. Heller about a trip he made to Corsica with his family.


Catch-22: The Movie

directed by: Mike Nichols, © 1971: Columbia Pictures

The movie version of the book staring Alan Arkin as Yossarian, and a host of other Hollywood elite/liberals including Martin Sheen, Art Garfunkel and many others.  The movie is worth seeing just for the 5 minutes of B-25 footage, which is the saving grace of this film that it was responsible for saving several B-25's from the scrap heap.


Milk Run

by: Helmut Müller © 2020

This fictional work is based upon a true incident. A ship of the 57th making a routine hop across the island of Corsica from Ajaccio to Ghisonaccia at night in poor weather failed to clear a high mountain top and crashed killing all on board.

One of those on board was a Red Cross war correspondent, Carolyn Chapin.

In this fictional work the author imagines the last days of her life. The book includes evocative descriptions of the exotic and beautiful landscapes of Corsica.

The work is in German. If you are unable to read the book in the original language, we can offer a short synopsis in English.

Available at XINXII Self-Publishing

English Synopsis





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