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319th Bombardment Group References


The 319th in Action

by: Harold E. and Esther M. Oyster, © 1976: Burch Directory Company, Akron, OH

The transcribed War Diary of the 319th BG, along with stories, citations and other good information on this group.  Incidentally, this is the only medium bomber group to fly three types of aircraft in combat (B-26, B-25 and A-16) and to fly combat missions in both the MTO and Pacific Theaters..  

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A list of the servicemen mentioned in this book can be found here: Index of Names

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Tour of Duty

by: Kenneth J. Pekarek, Sr., © 2014: Amazon Books

This massive 474-page work is a comprehensive history of the 319th Bombardment Group and the 437th Bomb Squadron. It includes dozens of rare photos of the B-26 bombers and the B-25 bombers that he Group flew during the war. Many of their bombing missions are described in detail. The author makes use of original sources: Army War Diaries and interviews with veterans, and his father's flight log.   

Available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Versions Amazon Books:Tour of Duty



Il combattimento aereo del 19 ottobre 1944 nei cieli di Mantova

(Battle in the Skies over Mantua, October 19, 1944)

by: Claudio Mischi © etabeta Publishing September 2023

Questo libro colma una lacuna storica riguardante un fatto accaduto durante la Seconda guerra mondiale nei cieli mantovani: il furioso combattimento aereo tra bombardieri USAAF e caccia dell'Aviazione Nazionale Repubblicana, questi ultimi erano aerei di costruzione tedesca ma pilotati da aviatori italiani. Poco si sapeva di questo avvenimento, adesso con la minuziosa ricerca di Claudio Mischi, tutto è stato sviscerato, nei minimi dettagli, sotto tutti gli aspetti. Il libro fornisce una importante raccolta fotografica a corredo del testo, inoltre molte foto sono inedite, provenienti da Archivi Privati. Con questo libro, si scoprirá un pezzo quasi sconosciuto di Storia mantovana, che non interesserá solo i mantovani, ma anche tutti gli appassionati, italiani e stranieri, di Storia Aeronautica.  

The bomber crews were expecting flak over the target, but they were not expecting to be attacked by a swarm of Italian fighters. This is the gripping account of an air battle which resulted in the loss of three B-26 bombers of the 319th Bomb Group. Claudio Mischi has collected first person accounts of the action and the aftermath. The book also includes a portrait of one of the Italian fighter pilots who took part in the aerial combat.  

The book is 142 pages and includes pages of rare photographs and illustrations.

Available at etabeta Publishing:

Il combattimento aereo del 19 ottobre 1944 nei cieli di Mantova



Tales of the 319th

by: Joseph W. Connaughton, © 2014: Ardent Writer Press, LLC

The author served in the 319th Bombardment Group, 438th Bomb Squadron as a bombardier/navigator.

Tales of the 319th is a series of chronological stories based on interviews of the men who survived as well as those of the author. The "Tales" reveal their beginning as well as the sacrifices and trials that hardened these men of the air and brought about their ultimate success.

Included in this memoir are numerous photos and maps to bring a greater understanding of not only the emotions of these young men and their leaders, but also the background canvas of military strategy and information necessary to tell the tales.

Available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Versions:

Amazon Books:Tales of the 319th: The WWII Accounts of Courageous Aviators in a Fearful Time



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