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                12th Bombardment Group References

The Earthquakers

by: Robert E. Wilson, © 1947: Dammeier Printing Company, Tacoma, Washington

The official history of the 12th BG in World War II.  Lots of photographs, though very few of B-25's. 150 pages.


Earthquakers, 12th Bombardment Group, Medium

by: Barabara Stahura, © 1998: Turner Publishing Company, Paducah, KT.

A history of the 12th BG, known as the "Earthquakers."  Covers from their activation through the end of World War II.  First half is of their history, the second half is biographies of crews and men.  120 pages.

Available- through Turner Publishing.


                   81st Bomb Squadron

Back Roads to Freedom 

by: William K. Sexton, © 1985: William K. Sexton, The Lowell Press, Kansas City, MO.

The story of an 81st BS crew shot down over Sicily.  He details his capture, escape and experiences evading the Germans in Italy. 179 pages

This is a rewrite of his book We Fought for Freedom, which was published in limited quantities in 1948.



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