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  • David Bass on 2017-Jun-08 02:55:05 David Bass said

    This is a pic of 3 B-25s.. on their way back from a mission, the center B-25 had its nose hit, you can see that there is no frame work in the upper part of the nose.

    The B-25 in the lowest part of the pic, is the "Seated Lady"/no name, Just a Varga, pic of Miss January 1945 there..Flown by Captain Ingram. Now, my Father, Charles L. Bass, was the Engineer/Gunner in this plane, on that day sitting in the top turret.

    Since my 4 Brothers and I were kids we had heard this story, then one day, back in the late 1960's My Dad found this pic! We did not post this one, but, I have not seen it in years, a big thanks to whomever posted this here.

    The story here is a sad one, a one of life, but, a one of death, as well. The Bombardier in the nose of the center plane was killed, hit hard by flak.

    Captain Ingram and the other B-25 Skipper, saw this fellow in the center plane, in trouble, and noticing he was shot up, escorted him back to safe air space, knowing that if left alone, he may not make it back. enemy fighters, what few were left, always looked for a crippled plane to shoot up.

    Sadly, a dry day it was, but the windshield wipers were going on this plane to, as best as possible to clear the bombardiers blood from the pilots windscreen. My Father saw the pilot, waving, and smiling as they joined him.
  • John on 2018-Apr-09 12:12:46 John said

    Very sad, but fantastic story of ass kickers doing what needed to be done both to the ground and in the air.

    My mothers uncle went down over Italy in a B-25J. He was in 310BG, 379BS. Can you tell me what BG and BS these "ships" are from. I am looking for a picture or pictures of the markings on 1945 310BG, 379BS planes.

    John in OK
  • Yves Marino on 2018-Jul-30 16:50:01 Yves Marino said

    There is a photo of the nose of this a/c on Fold3. As per Dominique Taddei's info:
    "This was the nose of the B-25J's N° 07 from the 321st BG 445th BS hit February 23 1945, based at Solenzara Corsica. 1st Lt Lonnie Harvel was the Bombardier Officer who had been killed."
    The pilot of the crippled plane was John O'Keefe.
    The 2 other a/cs are from the 321-st BG as well, but from the 446-st BS.

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