321st Bomb Group's 448th Squadron History


Special thanks to Anne M. O’Connor and the folks at the Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB, Alabama for digitizing and making these historical files available


All files are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format



Jun42-Sep43 (1.2MB)


Jun42-Apr44 (8.0MB)
War Diary Aug42-Aug43 (5.4MB)
War Diary Aug42-Sep43 (7.0MB)
Awards & Missions May-Sep43 (0.9MB)


HistoryOct-Dec43 (1.4MB)



HistoryOct43 (4.8MB)



HistoryNov43 (3.2MB)


HistoryDec43 (2.3MB)
Awards & Missions 1943 (0.9MB)
Missions Mar-Sep43 (5.8MB)
Missions Dec43-Jan44 (2.0MB)
History01Jan44 (1.3MB)


HistoryJan44 (1.2MB)



HistoryFeb44 (1.3MB)


Missions Feb44 (1.6MB)


HistoryMar44 (3.0MB)



HistoryApr44 (3.0MB)



HistoryMay44 (3.3MB)



HistoryJun44 (2.8MB)



HistoryJul44 (2.6MB)



HistoryAug44 (2.5MB)



HistorySep44 (4.6MB)



HistoryOct44 (2.4MB)



HistoryNov44 (2.1MB)



HistoryDec44 (4.2MB)



HistoryJan45 (3.3MB)



HistoryFeb45 (3.8MB)



HistoryMar45 (16.3MB)



HistoryApr45 (3.7MB)



HistoryMay45 (1.9MB)



HistoryJun45 (1.8MB)



HistoryJul45 (1.6MB)



HistorySep45 (0.9MB)